Tribute to Jim Metcalfe, Former Chairman of the Canada Arab Business Council

July 12, 1944 – September 6, 2019

Jim Metcalfe passed away surrounded by his family, having loved and lived life to
the fullest. He was an adoring spouse, and a very proud father and grandfather.

His career in consulting engineering spanned over four decades, serving as CEO of Cansult, and later the Middle East operations of AECOM. He also held senior positions on numerous boards including the Young Presidents’ Association, Accreditation Canada, and the Innovation Advisory Board of George Brown College.

Jim’s role in the Canada Arab Business Council from its inception until the present was legion, and a signature piece in his legacy. He was one of its founders in the early 80’s, had tremendous foresight into the potential role of the CABC, and contributed to it for over 35 years. He served variously as Chair, President, Secretary, Director, Mission leader, and Government liaison. His vision and experience were greatly respected, and he put relentless energy and humanity into the deepening of relations between Canada and the Arab World, and the development of the voice of Canadian business, both in the region and at home. He elevated the level of conversation, interaction and productivity between these two worlds.

Former President of the CABC, Mohamed Azzam, laments the loss of a dear friend, a mentor, and a true leader and was reminded of the old maxim that to really know someone, you need to travel with them. Mohamed and I, as well as many others, had the privilege and pleasure of accompanying Jim on numerous trips to the Middle East, and recognized a man of the highest character. Jim so generously included others in his journey, and we were lucky to collaborate on many efforts together. His reliable smile and quiet methods for making progress will be remembered. A wise and ready friend, and a calm in any storm.


Lesley Gregory
Former President
Canada Arab Business Council


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