The Commercial Bureau of the Consulate General of The Arab Republic of Egypt in Montréal presents its compliments and has the pleasure to announce that the Egyptian Railways Maintenance & Service Co., a subsidiary of Egyptian National Railways, has recently announced an international bid for supplying Overhaul of (120) DIFFERENT MODELS OF TRACTION MOTORS. Reference no. 313G8/3304

  1. First Envelope (Technical Offer ) :

It will contain the prices validity. The following will be enclosed therewith :

( Form A and the attached with it/ 14S Agents ) as well as the amount of the required provisional security deposit being ($ 45000 ) IT must be valid for 30 days after the end of the offer validity period or after the end of the offer validity extensionThis deposit will be provided according to one of the following methods:

  • The Authority’s cash receipt.
  • Unconditional letter of guarantee issued by any Egyptian bank with Arabic language.
  • Certified cheque.

Il. Second Envelope ( Financial Offer ) :

It will contain the details of prices, the total offer and payment… etc.

General Remarks:

  1. In case of willingness to participate in the tender, a tender document should be purchased from the above-mentioned Dept.
  2. applications shall be submitted on a stamp duty form, of: 100 Piasters, together with form no. (14S Agents), indicating “Agency”.
  3. The price of the tender document amounts to (LE10000) in addition to postal expenses, to be paid in advance.
  4. The technical envelope will be openedon —_/ /2019, at 12 p.m.
  5. Opening the financial offers envelopes shall be limited to the offers technically accepted, on a date, which will be fixed and of which you will be notified later.
  6. Any bid not accompanied by the full amount of the provisional security deposit shall be excluded.

7, Guarantee deposit (5%) of the total of contract.

Venue of SubmissionThe bids will be accepted at the Purchases and Stores Dept. at the Railways Building, 5th floor, above Shubra tunnel, Cairo for A public external tender. The bids received after this date shall not be accepted.

The bids should be submitted in duplicate on the authority’s specimen form, enclosed with the tender document, according to Law No. 182/2018 in two closed envelopes.