Trevor KloeckSenior Manager


    Agriculture, Edmonton Global


    Trevor was raised in the agricultural sector on a large mixed farm in Northern Alberta and has a degree from the University of Alberta in Plant Biology. From 1999- 2003, Trevor worked for the Alberta government as a crop agronomist and was responsible for conducting regional crop research and acting as the local crop expert for the farm sector.

    In 2003, Trevor’s role shifted to developing new agriculture business opportunities in the value-added agricultural sector. These efforts were heavily focused on plant protein, hemp, and crop biomass feedstocks for biorefining. During this time Trevor also acted as the main technical resource on crop biomass for clients interested in diversifying into new markets.

    This led to the establishment of the Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre, an internationally recognized initiative to develop advanced materials from plant feedstocks. In 2013, Trevor was recruited by Synermulch Erosion Control Products in Calgary, Alberta to drive their market expansion and lead the development of new product lines for reclamation, soil stabilization and environmental rehabilitation. During this time, Synermulch became the second largest flax and hemp fiber processer in Canada and Trevor oversaw the expansion of the company to across North and South America. Trevor also developed several successful new flax and hemp based products and developed the fibre supply chain for Synermulch to guarantee consistent quality feedstock. In 2019, Trevor launched, Root Concept and environmental consulting business in the agricultural, reclamation, and manufacturing sectors. In 2020 Trevor became one of the founders of Hemp Fibre Production Corporation, an Alberta based hemp company targeting the environmental products, chemical, and pulp sectors.