Sebastien Leblond, LL.BCo-Founder and Global COO


    RainMKRS Capital


    Sebastien is the Co-Founder & Global COO of RainMKRS Capital Investment LLC, with offices in Montreal and Abu Dhabi (UAE).

    He was the Founder, Shareholder Board Member at Anderson Sinclair PC from 2007 until 2020.

    As part of rainMKRS, he is shareholder and board member at GreenFactory Emirates (UAE), Shareholder of WIIDII inc., and Co-Founder and Shareholder at Purple Capital Group.

    Since 2007, Sébastien engineers innovative businesses and operating models in the legal, lender & financial services, and in the food and sustainability industries. By doing so, he helps creating investment opportunities for investors looking for direct investment in seminally creative ventures. His true talent is to connect visions, generating assets and key people to ensure optimized value creation.

    Sebastien travels the world to meet fintech and legal entrepreneurs, scholars & academics, and investors in his quest to better understand the art of value creation, especially in this era of digital revolution dominated by the emergence of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, data science and IoT.

    He is a business lawyer specializing in business modeling and governance.

    Sébastien is a EO Alumni. He supports entrepreneurship and arts through personal involvement and donations.

    He is a passionate and seminal entrepreneur.