Nicole RogersFounder & Chief Executive Officer




    The Agriprocity model began to take root when a farm girl from Canada transplanted herself to the Arabian Gulf. Having grown up on a fifth-generation cattle farm in Canada, Nicole Rogers knew well the deep engagement required to operate a farm. What she hadn’t anticipated, is the extent to which farmers miss out on opportunities by not engaging directly with the international marketplace.

    In taking on the role as Canada’s Agricultural Trade Commissioner to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Nicole saw first hand the disconnect between farmers and the internationally-based buyers who use their crops. This knowledge, combined with an exceptional network of international buyers and farmers, enabled Nicole to found Agriprocity in 2013.

    As such, Nicole serves as a private sector representative for the United Nation’s Committee on Food Security’s Near East Food Security plenary group. She also sits on the advisory committees of the U.S.-based conference series Global AgInvesting and the Dubai Food Trade Advisory Group (DFTAG).