Financial Times Special Report: Investing in the Arab World

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« Opportunity can be found in nations that are in flux, and Saudi Arabia is offering investors untapped growth as the kingdom embarks on a period of immense change. This report also explores how Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia are seeking ways to expand. »

Financial Times Special Report
Investing in the Arab World


1. Fiscal strain hangs over Saudi Arabia’s transformation
Economic realities threaten to weigh down the kingdom’s pivot away from oil


2. Saudi Arabia cinema finds the limelight
A 35-year ban has lifted as social reforms open up investment in tourism and entertainment


3. Syria’s young coders thrive amid a hostile backdrop
Despite the country’s civil war and brain drain, software developers make a go of it


4. Tough measures start to pay off for Egypt
As economic indicators improve, US multinationals are looking with interest


5. Power-starved Lebanon urged to think greener
With outages the norm, recent wind projects show progress — but some say more can be done


6. Tunisia’s political gains have yet to bring prosperity
The democratic success story still needs to lure foreign investment and create jobs


7. Aramco IPO puts Saudi Arabia’s grand vision to the test
The world’s biggest listing will depend on foreign capital and stock market reforms