CABC Qatar Information Session featuring Her Excellency Stefanie McCollum Canadian Ambassador to the State of Qatar

The Canada Arab Business Council, in partnership with Bennet Jones LLP, was pleased to invite to a roundtable breakfast in Toronto with Her Excellency Stefanie McCollum, Canada’s Ambassador to the State of Qatar on December 4, 2018 at Bennett Jones LLP.
Biography for Ambassador McCollum
Stefanie McCollum (BA [Business Administration] Argosy University, 2008) is a career public servant with a variety of management experience. She worked in the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Department of Secretary of State, Public Works and Government Services Canada and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency before joining Foreign Affairs Canada in 2005. She served abroad in San Francisco, Cairo, Bucharest and São Paulo before returning to Ottawa in 2016. She then worked as the director of the Emergency Watch and Response Centre. In 2017, she added the role of director of MCO (management and consular officer) renewal, supporting Global Affairs Canada’s MCO community of foreign service professionals. In 2018, she was appointed Canada’s Ambassador to the State of Qatar.
Background on Canada – Qatar Relations
Background on Canada – Qatar bilateral relations is available on the Global Affairs Canada website.