CABC Food Security Webinar – Trade in Agribusiness between Canada & the UAE/Kuwait/Qatar

Join the event to discover how your business can leverage partnerships, connecting traders, buyers, technology in mature and emerging markets in the GCC.

Food Security remains a major issue in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). The MENA region is one of the most import-dependent in the world with about 50% of the region’s food imported.

As the world population continues to grow and the global demand for food increases, there will be escalating pressure on natural resources that would be needed for agricultural production. The potential for developing Agri-tech and improving food security in the MENA region is vast.

Canadian businesses have the skills and expertise to contribute to the countries’ strategic goals. Canada Arab Business Council will hold a 3-part webinar series to discuss food security and Canada’s potential role in capturing the MENA region’s Agri-tech market. More information on registration below.

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