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The Canada Arab Business Council is Canada’s only not-for-profit association focused exclusively on promoting trade and investment between Canada and the Arab world.

Since 1983, the Council has been the principal advocate for, and the driving force behind, Canada’s growing economic relations with Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. We also work with Arab governments to promote economic relations with Canada.


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Who we are


The CABC was founded by a small group of farsighted businessmen who, in 1983, saw the enormous potential for business between Canada and the Arab world. Our board members include leading business persons and Canadian diplomats who have lived and worked in the region for many years, as well as several Arab Canadians who maintain strong business ties in both markets.

Today our corporate members come from Canada’s major manufacturing and service sectors and include some of the country’s largest companies and institutions, as well as a growing number of small and mid-sized enterprises. In 2016, we opened membership to offshore Arab companies in line with our aim to bring the Canadian and Arab business communities closer together and enrich the dialogue. We intend to increase this side of the membership.

Our vision

To be the organization of choice for Canadian companies and government agencies to enable business opportunities in Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the partner of choice for Arab companies interested in business opportunities in Canada.

Mission Statement


To enable member companies and government agencies doing business in Canada and Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa region to achieve their goals.


We create greater awareness in Canada and Arab countries of the importance of trade, investment, business and economic relations between our countries.


We act as a prominent and effective advocate for government policies that enable Canadian companies to set up business and expand in Arab states, as well as to assist Arab companies interested in entering and expanding in the Canadian market.


We promote and facilitate trade, investment and other business opportunities between member companies in Canada and Arab states.


We provide our members with timely insights into relevant economic, social and political developments in Canada and Arab states.


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Our Partners

CABC is pan-Arab in reach because most of our members are interested in more than one Arab market and a broader geographic base allows us to speak with more authority on bilateral trade and investment issues. For specific events we partner with organizations such as the Canadian Business Councils in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Council for Development Canada-Algeria, as well as other groups with whom we have cooperation agreements.


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